Social Prescriber

Our Social Prescriber Steve Cavanagh provides a service to those patients where a traditional GP appointment is not appropriate.

One in five GP appointments focuses on wider social needs, rather than acute medical issues. In areas of high deprivation, many GPs report that they spend significant amounts of time dealing with the consequences of poor housing, debt, stress and loneliness.

Social prescribing and community-based support is part of the NHS Long Term Plan’s commitment to make personalised care business as usual across the health and care system and to bring additional capacity into the multi-disciplinary team.

Social Prescribers are an integral part of the primary care network team, delivering holistic service to patients and improving the health and wellbeing of the local population.

Your Social Prescriber can work with you to identify your non-medical needs and support you access the right services for you.

Your Social Prescriber can offer support in these areas:
Loneliness and Isolation

  • Social development
  • Financial issues
  • Housing concerns
  • Family concerns

Examples of how Social Prescribing can help?

  • Support groups
  • Coffee mornings
  • Exercise and sport
  • Financial assistance
  • Joining local activity groups (yoga etc)
  • Housing support

“There’s not one giant step that does it, it’s lots of little steps.”