Extended hours

iGPC currently offers Extended Hours across its member practices. For more information contact your practice



Core opening hours for most surgery in the area (what?) and some already offer addiotional hours however they are only accessible to patients registered at that surgery.

Normally yes. However on occasion, to provide a better service you may be seen by a clinician of a different practice in iGPC

To book or cancel an appoitnment call or visit your GP surgery.

Yes - your electronic medical record will be available to the clinician that sees you. This is to ensure that they have the information they need to give you safe and high quality care as they may not know you. Notes of your consultation will be automatically saved to your record. Your own GP at your usual surgery will be able to see the details of your appointment to ensure that they have access to the most up to date information.

Yes, clinicians working within the service will be able to refer you to other services.

iGPC provides this service, in conjunction with its GP practice members.

Please help us too understand if we are providing the right kind of services and if they are meeting your needs by completing the form on the website.