Fair Processing Notice

Patients will remain registered with their own practice and they will continue to be responsible for your healthcare and maintaining your individual health record. Being in a Network of practices means more choice and flexibility for patients and between us, we will be able to offer patients appointments that better suit their busy lives and with healthcare professionals, not ordinarily available, such as a clinical pharmacist; in many ways, enhancing the health services you receive now. From the 1 July 2019 we will have the ability to consult with patients from any of the practices in our Network, and our patients can book consultations with them too.

Access to a patient’s record will be restricted to consulters for now, and each practice will be able to check who and when someone has accessed a patient record. Patients can rest assured all GPs, their staff and associated health professionals undergo mandatory Data Security and Awareness Training each year and work to and are compliant with all its standards. Under NHSE existing agreements GPs are not required to gain patient consent in order to share services in this way. If you have any concerns or queries, please ask for more information at reception and we will be happy to assist.