Board of Directors and FAQ




Our Clinical Director and lead GP is Dr Naomi Rankin ,

partner at Belle Vale Medical Practice






Lead GP

Practice Manager

Belle Vale Medical Practice

 Dr Naomi Rankin

Dave Davenport

Knotty Ash Medical Centre

Dr Samia Mirza

Debbie Salters

Oak Vale Medical Centre

Dr Monica Khuraijam

Carol Reid

Rock Court Surgery

Dr David Ball

Michele Creer

Old Swan Medical Centre 

Dr Benazir Ansari

Margaret Webster 

Dovecot Medical Centre 

Dr C. Joerg Beyer

Betty Brannan

West Derby Medical Centre

Dr Alan Doddridge

Janette Rimmer 




Innovative GP Collaborative

iGPC was created in May 2018 but, as with all Primary Care Networks across the country, formal approval as a Network became effective from the LCCG/NHSE on 1st July 2019.

For the last 12 months, representatives from each of your practices have been meeting regularly to build connections and to think about how we can work together, for the good of practices and for the good of our patients.

There are seven practices in iGPC (see home page) covering about 58,000 patients. The Board of iGPC sets the priorities for its members.