Thursday, 06 July 2023


The Alcohol Awareness Week Campaign is running from the 3rd till 9th July 

£62,899 is the estimated amount a drinker will spend on alcohol over the course of a lifetime.

1 IN 5 (19%) considers alcohol to be an “essential” item in their shopping basket.

1 IN 7 has been worried about how much they are drinking. 

Watch Susan’s story on how alcohol nearly cost her everything but by getting the right kind of support she was finally able to be free of alcohol. (Provided by Alcohol Change) 

We've put together links to some great resources:

Great app called Try Dry: the app to help you cut down: 

More information the App:

Download For Apple Devices 

Download For Android Devices 

Orcha also provide a library of tried and tested apps for many different topics and conditions -

Looking for some resources or information? Alcohol Change offer some great advise and tips for cutting down

We also have some brilliant local services if you need support or are looking to reach out in the Merseyside area:

The Brink -

Liverpool Community Alcohol Service - LCAS 

The Sanctuary -

Alcoholic Anonymous -

Tom Harrison House - provides a specialist addiction recovery programme for UK Armed Forces veterans and emergency services personnel.